We could learn a lot from Denmark. Perhaps we should send our political leaders there for re-education.

Our little hotel is in the heart of the refugee settlement area - not far from the city centre - and it's fascinating to see Muslim women and men happily interspersed with the regulation blonde Scandinavian beauties in the stream of bicycles that rule the roads of this extraordinary city.

Housing, healthcare and education are the nation's priorities - regardless of who's in power. People are smiling, busy, polite towards each other - the streets hum with activity, there are lots of kids and young adults... it feels relaxed.

In the pedestrian-only centre of the old city, where glorious architecture meets high-end brand retail, there are rainbows everywhere. Even the Royal Palaces are flying rainbow flags alongside the Danish red and white cross - because this is the final day of Copenhagen Pride week.

The grand square has a huge temporoary stage, there are concession stands everywhere, it seems like the entire population of Denmark is here to watch the parade and to celebrate in the streets.

The security forces are impressive but discreet - and they all wear rainbow armbands! One of the floats in the parade features Muslim women in hijab supporting LGBTQ rights! The beers are cheap and very strong - the food covers every conceivable ethnicity.

By next morning there is no sign of the previous day's riotous behaviour. Smiling people ride their bikes to work along spotless cycleways - vivid blue buses swish alongside them. The sun glances off the golden finials on the towers as we enjoy breakfast and coffee by the canal.

Copenhagen, like Wellington, is a liveable, likeable, human-scale city - and it's beautiful too.