Munich. 32 Degrees. The underground metro is every bit as spotless as the streets above - smooth, silent, meticulous. We're heading for the BMW Experience on the site of the tragic 1972 Olympic Games. It's a long way out of the city - but we're there in what feels like seconds.

The BMW experience is divided into two worlds:  the Museum which looks back over BMW's history of car and motorcycle manufacture - and BMW World which displays today's vehicles and the concept cars of tomorrow.

The Museum is awesome... there's no other word. A spectacular multi-level interior in glass and steel that somehow hides the scale of the place, revealing whole galleries that appear like bedrooms off a corridor, like discovering the secret passage in a castle.

There's a wall of Motorbikes - chronological - and I want every one of them. Robina finds the super-sexy Le Mans sports car and the iconic 'bubble car'. Each model has a lighting mode that recalls the era of the car. Each car has an AV story about its design - the specific market need for that particular model - the innovation and dedication to quality of the designers and engineers.

I've seen Transport Museums from London to Motat, from Harrah's (Las Vegas) to the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in Washington DC... and nothing is as cool, as confidently perfect, as utterly German as the BMW Museum.

BMW World is equally magnificent - a stunning piece of architecture with a test-track that curves up into the second level of the building from outside. You can test-drive concept cars and electric vehicles - under supervision of course.

On display are the newest innovations in propulsion, comfort and safety for all the brands now owned by BMW. It does feel a bit strange to see Mini and Rolls Royce in there. My favourite is the RR Wraith (blue and silver two-tone, pale tan pigskin interior)! Robina wants an urban scooter - fully enclosed and with a gyro system that makes it stand up by itself.

Amazing yes, but a bit like a vehicle expo and sales stand. The Museum however is something else - proud and emotional - engaging and intelligent.