Chapters of the Great War is a series of seven temporary exhibitions to be held over 18 months at the Great War Exhibition at Pukeahu in Wellington.

The exhibit uses six big projection screens and an immersive audio environment to create a powerful visitor experience out of still imagery and verbatim accounts. Shows typically run for around ten minutes. 

Chapter Two, "Dissent" opened on 21 July 2017. It is focused on opposition to New Zealand's involvement in the First World War. "Dissent" isn't just about conscientious objectors - it also tells the stories of soldiers, iwi, religious groups and politicians that spoke out against the war.  

Chapter One of the series, "Wounded", ran from April until July of 2017. It told the story of the tens of thousands of New Zealanders who served overseas during the First World War and had their lives blighted by injuries or sickness. It featured four life masks from soldiers with serious facial wounds, made by New Zealand military surgeons whose pioneering work during the war established many of the principles of modern plastic surgery.

Upcoming "Chapters" include Passchendaele, War in the Holy Land, and the stories of New Zealand women at war.