The 2013 racing series may have ended in defeat – agonizingly for the whole of New Zealand, glued as we were to our TVs. But off the water the government-led “leverage programme” – which used the Cup to introduce New Zealand to corporate America – was a huge success.

Story Inc partnered with frequent collaborators Toulouse Ltd, Anderson Design and The Dive to deliver the gateway visitor experience at the Emirates, Team New Zealand hospitality pavilion on Pier 32,
San Francisco. Our wave-and-sail-inspired entry environment gave invited guests a snapshot of New Zealand’s innovation and lifestyle.

As part of the entrance we created a 5 minute, 19-screen montage of New Zealand tourism and business, a pair of graphic rails incorporating embedded iPads with high resolution imagery by business sector, and an evocative animation of great New Zealand quotations which emerged out of a “weather map” that played out across the large sail shapes.