“Earth: Our Untamed Planet”, the Earth Sciences exhibition at Science Centre Singapore, is about the amazing and often dangerous forces that make our world work:

Sun Energy, which makes life possible and creates our weather, good and bad; and Earth Energy, which drives the vital process of recycling the earth’s crust (plate tectonics) but also gives us volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Though it is surrounded by volcanic and seismic areas, Singapore itself rarely feels the most violent effects of our untamed planet. But all that could change in the future – if climate change alters weather patterns, or if one of Sumatra’s supervolcanoes fires up again. The exhibition aims to give Singaporeans a safe taste of just how spectacular and dangerous Earth can be.

Science Centre Singapore is one of Singapore’s top visitor attractions, with over a million visitors annually. Story Inc, working with detailed design partner DesignLab of Bangkok, was in charge of the overall design and build supervision for this major exhibition, which opened in February 2012.