Get Curious Book.JPG

In late 2018 we began working with the National Museum of Singapore to create an interactive family guidebook that would:

“…provide families with young [5-8-year-old] children with an immersive experience at the Museum, through interactive activities and the use of various materials, to evoke various moods and offer an interesting way of learning and appreciating artefacts at the Museum.”

We worked with the museum exhibitions and education teams to develop the content for the book, deciding on a structure of around 40 objects across the whole Museum. Our writer, Kate Manson, crafted clever rhyming text, “fun facts” and information for the grown-ups on every page. Andy Shaw drew the beautiful illustrations and the wonderful Ceri Hurst, designed the book.  


To engage young minds we incorporated many “tricks” – from lifting flaps, to scratch and sniff elements, red glasses for revealing hidden details, and stickers for activities and accomplishments.

The book, Get Curious! was launched in June 2019 to coincide with Children’s Month at the Museum. As part of the Children’s Month celebrations we also worked with the Museum to bring some of the pages of the book to life as physical interactives. Children could piece together giant bowls and vases, balance weight on a scale to discover the weight of the Museum’s anchor, and complete a giant jigsaw puzzle.