Together We Make a Nation is an interactive online documentary which follows four women of refugee backgrounds living in New Zealand.

TWMAN explores the stories of Ola from Poland, Neary from Cambodia, Yibeth from Colombia and Dalal from Syria. The women tell us about life in their former countries, why they had to leave and their lives now in New Zealand. 

It was created in 2016 - 2017 by Steve La Hood from Story Inc, Sandra Clark, Rabid Technology and the New Zealand Red Cross. 

The interactive online documentary format means that the stories for Together We Make A Nation can be accessed for free by anyone. Unlike a traditional documentary, during the story viewers are presented with other information to watch, read and share; the viewer is in control of their own experience and journey of discovery.  

The website also includes community pages that are linked through Facebook to create an online hub, where organisations that support refugees coming to New Zealand can share resources, news and information.

Together We Make A Nation was funded by NZ On Air as part of the Digital Media Interactive Documentary Fund. The Interactive Fund supports new content that pushes the envelope of creative storytelling.

Together We Make A Nation can be viewed at and their Facebook page is